What is it all about?

In January 2018 (T.B.C) we are going to cycle the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga all the way down to Bluff. You are welcome to join in any capacity, whether it's half of one stage or whole South Island.

When you join, you will get your own page, where you'll be able to preselect your favorite charities and start fundraising for them. That's right. There is no one charity that we want to fundrise for. It's all up to you!

Every kilometer you ride counts towards the grand total. The ride is 3000 kilometers, let's see how many can we ride together.

It doesn't matter if you are a fast cyclist or just a casual weekend rider. Anyone can be part of Fundride.


Route and stages

Below you can check proposed route divided into 18 stages (3 weeks of riding with 1 day of break every week). If you want to ride any of them - let us know. More details to follow.

All stages are subject to change. Routes will be finalised in the middle of 2017.

North Island

  1. Cape Reinga to Kerikeri
    Distance: 191.4km, Elevation gain: 2,062m
  2. Kerikeri to Warkworth
    Distance: 193.2km, Elevation gain: 2,232m
  3. Warkworth to Auckland
    Distance: 73.5km, Elevation gain: 1,160m
  4. Auckland to Morrinsville
    Distance: 192.0km, Elevation gain: 1,623m
  5. Morrinsville to Taupo
    Distance: 166.0km, Elevation gain: 1,768m
  6. Taupo to Whanganui
    Distance: 221.2km, Elevation gain: 2,390m
  7. Whanganui to Wellington
    Distance: 205.7km, Elevation gain: 1,486m

South Island

  1. Picton to Wakefield
    Distance: 136.4km, Elevation gain: 1,528m
  2. Wakefield to Westport
    Distance: 192.9km, Elevation gain: 1,962m
  3. Westport to Kumara
    Distance: 125.1km, Elevation gain: 1,432m
  4. Kumara to Castle Village
    Distance: 121.9km, Elevation gain: 2,285m
  5. Castle Hill Village to Christchurch
    Distance: 95.0km, Elevation gain: 450m
  6. Christchurch to Timaru
    Distance: 207.8km, Elevation gain: 693m
  7. Timaru to Lake Tekapo
    Distance: 103.3km, Elevation gain: 1,267m
  8. Lake Tekapo to Wanaka
    Distance: 201.4km, Elevation gain: 1,454m
  9. Wanaka to Alexandra
    Distance: 175.1km, Elevation gain: 2,299m
  10. Alexandra to Dunedin
    Distance: 199.5km, Elevation gain: 1,931m
  11. Dunedin to Bluff
    Distance: 270.7km, Elevation gain: 2,906m
  • The reason

    Cycling has literally changed my life. This is my way to give back. I believe that everyone can have a role in making this world a better place.

  • Cost

    Join us for free. It's that simple. But while you can just join the ride, bear in mind that it is a fundrising event. And for the first time ever - you can fundrise for multiple charities at once.

  • Fitness level

    You don't have to be a top cyclist to join. Depending on interest we are going to divide riders into groups based on their abilities. You can even join part of the stage if the whole is too much for you. Remember - this in not a race, but a personal endurance challenge.

  • Support

    You will receive minor mecanical support as well as food and drinks during the day. We will also carry your personal bag. For bigger groups we will provide a pilot car. We do not provide transportation or accomodation - you will have to sort it out on your own.

  • Stages

    You can join a single or multiple stages. Or even a part of it (detailed maps, segments and start times will be announced soon). Every kilometer rode and every dollar raised counts!

  • Strava

    All rides will be published on Strava. You will need a free Strava account and either smartphone or connected GPS device in order for your ride to count towards totals. You can still ride without it.

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